judacraz asked: Signs as egyptian gods.

Aries- Apophis, the god of war and Horus, god of war, sky, and falcons.

Taurus- Geb, god of earth and Hathor, goddess of love

Gemini- Nut, goddess of sky and stars and Seshat, goddess of writing and measurements

Cancer- Isis, goddess of magic, healing, marriage, and motherhood, and Bast, protector of pregnant women and children and Khonsu, god of the moon.

Leo- Sehkmet, goddess of lions, fire, and vengeance, and Ra, god of the sun, and Menhit, minor lion goddess.

Virgo- Kebechet, goddess of purification and Wadjet, goddess of protection.

Libra- Ma’at, goddess of justice, truth, and order and Mafdet god of justice.

Scorpio- Osiris, god of the underworld and afterlife and Serqet, goddess of scorpions

Sagittarius- Thoth, god of wisdom and scribes and Anput, goddess of the desert and a region of Egypt.

Capricorn- Anubis, god of dead, embalming, funerals, and mourning ceremonies, the Jackal god and Bes, god of Pregnant woman, newborn babies, family, and known to protect from snake and scorpion bites

Aquarius- Seth, god of chaos and storms and Shu, god of wind and air.

Pisces- Tefnut, goddess of water and fertility and Tawaret, another fertility goddess and Hapi, god of the Nile.


kosmik-kiko asked: Differences between the earth signs?

Taurus is the most stubborn earth sign and considered to be the most stubborn zodiac sign. They are more romantic, sensual, and in tune with their emotions than Capricorn or Virgo. They are the only earth sign associated with art. Taurus takes on the endurance of earth.

All of them are practical, down-to-earth, logical, and associated with nature. But Virgo may contain the most common sense and logic. They are the most flexible out of the earth signs. A Capricorn will struggle when it comes to loosing their control, Taurus never gives up on a fight or way of living, but Virgo while routine and fussy about their ways will bend when push comes to shove. Virgo is the only earth sign associated with communication and intellect. Virgo is more detail-oriented than any of the earth signs. Taurus can easily be oblivious and inside their own head, Capricorn is too busy with their work/life to be noticing the small things, but Virgo notices everything.

Capricorn has the hard-work, seriousness, and ambition of earth. They are also more cold and private than the other earth signs. They have an aloofness while Taurus is warm and welcoming and Virgo is friendly, dependable, and good with people.

Taurus is associated with untouched earth.

Virgo is associated with earth already being used like a garden.

Capricorn represents the harvest.

Taurus is charming and can go through stages of being outgoing and then being cautious in social situations.

Virgo can be shy or reserved but is still good at communicating and relating to others.

Capricorn is not shy or overly boisterous and is good at making connections and has privacy about them that fascinates some.

Virgo is always thinking and worrying about life but jumps from deed to deed and person to person in a practical way. Imagine a busy bee.

Taurus needs to be pushed into action by some sort of happening but once they get going it can be hard to stop them. Imagine a boulder on the edge of a hill.

Capricorn always calculates their moves and carefully chooses their words and actions. Like a chess game. 

Virgo can think and analyze everything in their life to try to sort it out and reason with it but through this they can still make decisions quickly.

Taurus mulls over everything and is super hesitant to make solid decisions for fear of loosing security or stability.

Capricorn is decisive and knows what they want but can lack thinking outside the box or taking on other options.

Virgo tries to make sense of their emotions and almost categorize them as well as their actions and the people in their life.

Taurus understands emotions very well and even has more intuition than the other earth signs.

Capricorn has emotions and knows they are there but isn’t sure how to express them or what to do with them.

Virgo has a inner need to help others and serve people.

Taurus is usually moved to help others with maturity and through life experiences.

Capricorn helps those they sympathize with.

The earth signs are associated with being good with animals and having good survival skills.

Taurus is good at investing money.

Virgo is good at budgeting.

Capricorn is good at making money.

Capricorn is materialistic by wanting high-quality things and some may care about the status of objects.

Taurus is attached to their possessions. Some can be pack rats or hoarders and some will just cry when their car or favorite shirt has to be sold/thrown away.

Virgo can be more in love with the money itself than the items. They are practical with what they buy and can have a “save, save, save” attitude. This might lead to being cheap or thrifty.

Taurus is more dependent than Virgo and Capricorn.

Virgo can worry and care more than Taurus or Capricorn.

Capricorn can be more moody and depressed than Taurus or Virgo.

Taurus is possessive and jealous over loved ones.

Capricorn is controlling over loved ones.

Virgo is critical and fussy with loved ones.

Capricorn has a need to save face.

Taurus wants respect and admiration.

Virgo just hates conflict and being around distasteful company.

Tonight I want to Stay In

When Aries wants to stay in they still stay active by cleaning, working out, and most likely inviting friends over. 

When Taurus stays in they like to relax with T.V., video games, drink, and maybe cooks a meal/snack.

When Gemini stays in they like to still work their mind with books, puzzles, the internet, games, and writing

When Cancer stays home they love doing things around the house from cooking to fixing up the sink. They like to watch movies, play games, read, do art & crafts, the home may be Cancer’s favorite place.

When Leo stays in they just want to go back out.

When Virgo stays in they want to be productive by cleaning, organizing, doing homework, etc.

When Libra stays in, they will still be social by having friends over, be on social networks, have a partner over, or they will indulge in escapist activities.

When Scorpio stays in they like to be entertained with movies, books, games, and hobbies.

When Sagittarius stays in they work on improvements and things that need to get done.

When Capricorn stays in they attend to private matters and may take time to themselves to learn a new thing or work on a hobby.

When Aquarius stays in who knows what they’re doing. From watching a whole series on Netflix to working on their latest invention they change up their homebody activities.

When Pisces stays in they indulge in alone time, loves to play games, read, work on art, and watch movies.

You Can’t Sit With Us

When Aries finds out someone doesn’t like them they may act like they don’t give a … but really they’re always shocked.

When Taurus finds out someone doesn’t like them they become offended.

When Gemini finds out that someone doesn’t like them they have to find out why.

When Cancer finds out that someone doesn’t like them they get super pissed and hope that person goes far away from their life.

A Leo may have a “haters gonna hate” attitude when someone doesn’t like them but deep down their ego gets bruised a little.

When a Virgo finds out that someone doesn’t like them they come off with, “Well I didn’t like them either”

When a Libra finds out someone doesn’t like them they just assume it is a misunderstanding.

When Scorpio finds out that someone does not like them they have a “I knew it” reaction.

When Sagittarius finds out someone doesn’t like them they might go up to them and give them the finger or laugh it off.

When Capricorn finds out that someone doesn’t like them they get uncomfortable and just wants to save face.

Aquarius acts like they don’t care when someone doesn’t like them however they care a lot.

Pisces can be extremely sensitive to being not liked but many of them can handle it with maturity.


prettynpunkatmidnight asked: What are the signs as songs by Fall Out Boy?

Aries- “Sugar, We’re Going Down”,“Young Volcanoes”, or “Just One Yesterday” 

Taurus- “Miss Missing You” or “Grand Theft Autumn / Where Is Your Boy”

Gemini- “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race” or “Hum Hallelujah”

Cancer- “Alone Together”,“7 Minutes in Heaven”, or “What a Catch, Donnie” 

Leo-  “Fame < Infamy”, or “The Mighty Fall”

Virgo- “The Gold Standard” or “The Carpel Tunnel of Love”

Libra- “I Don’t Care” or “Dance, Dance”

Scorpio- “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark”, “The Phoenix”, or “Death Valley” 

Sagittarius- “Save Rock and Roll” or “Where Did the Party Go”

Capricorn- “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me”“

Aquarius- “20 Dollar Nose Bleed”

Pisces- “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” or “Rat a Tat”


monsterkinds asked: the signs as Twenty One Pilots songs or Fall Out Boy songs?

Twenty One Pilots

Aries- Car Radio

Taurus- Ruby

Gemini- Fake You Out or Semi-Automatic

Cancer- Holding Onto You or House of Gold

Leo- Screen

Virgo- Migraine

Libra- Fall Away

Scorpio- Clear or Anathema

Sagittarius- Air Catcher

Capricorn- House of Gold or Truce

Aquarius- Glowing Eyes, Kitchen Sink, or Be Concerned

Pisces- Lovely or Taxi Cab


aayardbird asked: Hey could you do zodiac signs as red hot chili peppers songs please?

Aries- “Can’t Stop” or “Easily

Taurus- “I Could Die For You” or “Don’t Forget Me

Gemini- “Snow (Hey Oh)” or “Strip My Mind

Cancer- “Otherside” or “Dosed

Leo- “Love Rollercoaster” or “Suck My Kiss

Virgo- “Hard to Concentrate

Libra- “The Zephyr Song

Scorpio- “Scar Tissue” or “Funky Monks

Sagittarius- “Around the World

Capricorn- “Aeroplane”

Aquarius- “Under the Bridge” or “Road Trippin"

Pisces- “Give It Away”, “Parallel Universe”, or “Soul to Squeeze”


likeyou-onlysweeter asked: What traditional Easter candies would the signs be?

Aries-   Sugar Eggs

Taurus- Reese’s Easter Egg

Gemini- Jelly Beans

Cancer- Peeps

Leo- Cream Filled Egg

Virgo- Robin Eggs

Libra- Chocolate Bunny

Scorpio- Golden Egg

Sagittarius- Mini Chocolate Eggs

Capricorn- Chocolate Carrots

Aquarius- Coconut Nest

Pisces-  Marshmallow Egg

Happy Easter Everyone!