2lively4u asked: The signs as Smashing Pumpkins songs?

Aries- Bullet With Butterfly Wings or Siva

Taurus- Try, Try, Try or Beautiful

Gemini- Tonight, Tonight or To Sheila

Cancer- Stand Inside Your Love or Rhinoceros

Leo- Believe

Virgo- Perfect

Libra- Disarm

Scorpio- Cherub Love or Thru the Eyes of Ruby

Sagittarius- Today

Capricorn- Zero or Doomsday Clock

Aquarius- The Beginning is the End is the Beginning or Bodies

Pisces- Thirty-Three or Galapagos


theangelssilhouette asked: (JC, this is my third time, haha, me and my Taurus self) Signs and LOST characters?

James “Sawyer” Ford-Aries (with Aquarius & Cancer influences)

Ana Lucia Cortez- Aries

Kate Austen- Gemini

Mr. Eko- Taurus

Bernard Nadler- Taurus

Boone Carlyle- Cancer

Jin-Soo Kwon- Cancer (with Leo influences)

Sun-Hwa Kwon- Cancer (with Pisces influences)

Charlotte Lewis- Cancer

Jack Shephard-Leo (with Capricorn influences)

Rose Nadler- Leo

Charlie Pace- Leo (with Pisces influences)

Daniel Faraday- Virgo

Sayid Jarrah- Virgo

Shannon Rutherford- Libra

Benjamin Linus- Scorpio

Juliet Burke- Scorpio

Michael Dawson- Scorpio

John Locke- Sagittarius (with Aquarius influences)

Desmond Hume- Sagittarius

Claire Littleton- Sagittarius

Frank Lapidus- Sagittarius

Miles Straume- Sagittarius

Richard Alpert- Capricorn

Walter “Walt” Lloyd- Capricorn

Elizabeth “Libby” Smith- Aquarius

Hugo “Hurley” Reyes- Pisces (with Taurus influences)


kamakana31398 asked: Pisces and Aquarius love

Pisces and Aquarius are neutral in the zodiac. A lot of times they are attracted to each other through their ideas, creativity, and even spirituality. Pisces can be attracted to Aquarius confidence, their unique way of thinking, and charisma. Aquarius will like Pisces adaptive and nice personality. Pisces will be easy going and can go along with Aquarius ideas and schemes. Aquarius will be an appreciative and providing partner as long as Pisces believes in them. They are accepting of each other and they can be creative around one another. Problems that can arise are when Aquarius is too distant or preoccupied or when Pisces is too emotional or sentimental. Pisces lives in the heart while Aquarius lives in the mind. These two need to meet each other halfway and really understand one another to make it work.


dead-in-a-ditch asked: signs as stores?? lol

(I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for)

Aries- a  car lot

Taurus- a wine or olive oil shop

Gemini- a convenience store

Cancer- a bakery, thrift shop, or arts and crafts store

Leo- a high end fashion boutique

Virgo- a book store

Libra- a candle shop, perfume shop, make-up boutique or a Hallmark like place

Scorpio- a music shop or tattoo parlor

Sagittarius- an outdoors store or sports store

Capricorn- antique store

Aquarius- head shop

Pisces- pet store or game/movie store


nicolegaddy asked: Sign least likely to fall in love

The signs that are the most cautious about falling in love would be Aquarius and Capricorn. Sagittarius is very wary of committing. Taurus and Virgo are slow when it comes to falling in love or learning how to love.


maybewereallrunaways asked: HI! Love your blog, can you do the signs as songs of The Killers? :)

(one of my favorite bands btw)

Aries- “Shot at The Night” or “Runaways”

Taurus- “Mr. Brightside” or “Everything Will Be Alright”

Gemini- “Goodnight, Travel Well”

Cancer- “When You Were Young” or “Here With Me”

Leo- “Just Another Girl” or “Be Still”

Virgo- “Human”

Libra- “Smile Like You Mean It”

Scorpio- “Read My Mind”, “Shadowplay” or “Miss Atomic Bomb”

Sagittarius- “Sam’s Town” or “The Way It Was”

Capricorn- “All These Things That I’ve Done”

Aquarius- “Spaceman” or “Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll”

Pisces- “Romeo and Juliette” or “For Reasons Unknown”


loveangellight asked: The zodiac with Evanescence and/or Three Days Grace?

Three Days Grace

(Listened to these guys a lot in High School)

Aries- “I Hate Everything About You” or “Break”

Taurus- “Time of Dying”

Gemini- “Are You Ready” or “Anonymous” 

Cancer- “Over and Over” Or “Let You Down”

Leo- “Wake Up”

Virgo- “Life Starts Now”

Libra- “The Good Life”

Scorpio- “Gone Forever”

Sagittarius- “Never Too Late” or “Burn”

Capricorn- “Animal I Have Become” or “Misery Loves My Company”

Aquarius- “Riot”, “One-X”, or “Wicked Game” 

Pisces- “Pain” or “Lost in You”


dreamingismyonlyhope asked: The signs as Michael Jackson songs? :)

Aries- “Beat It”, “Bad”, or “Speed Demon”

Taurus- “You Rocked My World”

Gemini- “Smile”

Cancer- “Ghosts” or “Remember the Time”

Leo- “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” or “This is it”

Virgo- “Baby Be Mine”

Libra- “Dirty Diana” or “Hollywood Tonight”

Scorpio- “Dangerous”,“The Way you make Me Feel”, or “Give Into Me”

Sagittarius- “Human Nature”

Capricorn- “Thriller” or “Man in the Mirror”

Aquarius- “Heal the World” or “Will You Be There”

Pisces- “Rock with You” or “I just can’t Stop Loving You”


melligrant asked: Natalia Kills songs for each sign?

Aries- “Wonderland

Taurus- “Break You Hard” or “Daddy’s Girl”

Gemini- “Devils Don’t Fly”

Cancer- “Watching You” or “Trouble"

Leo- “Don’t Play Nice

Virgo- “Free

Libra- “Problem” or “Superficial”

Scorpio- “I’m Gonna Kill My Boyfriend” or “Mirrors”

Sagittarius-“Stop Me”

Capricorn-“Outta Time"

Aquarius- “Zombie” or “Boy’s Don’t Cry”

Pisces- “Rabbit Hole” or “Love is a Suicide"


ccokezero asked: One Direction songs for the signs??

Aries- “Kiss You” or “Happily”

Taurus- “You & I” or “Irresistible”

Gemini- “Live while We’re Young” or “Na Na Na”

Cancer- “What Makes You Beautiful” or “Moments”

Leo- “Up All Night”

Virgo- “Little Things” or “Save You Tonight”

Libra- “I Want” or “They Don’t Know About Us”

Scorpio- “One Thing”, “Magic”, or “Rock Me”

Sagittarius- “Midnight Memories” or “Summer Love”

Capricorn- “Everything About You”

Aquarius- “Half a Heart”

Pisces- “Story of My Life” or “Stole My Heart”