loveangellight asked: How would the zodiac react if they had a long, ongoing battle with drama in their family over the course of a couple to several years and have it come to an amazing end?

Well that is a very specific request…

Aries- Won’t know how to react at first. They have a bit of shock and disbelief

Taurus- happy but totally surprised that it actually ended

Gemini- will spread the good news to everyone they know

Cancer- relieved

Leo- wishes things could have been resolved sooner but is glad they finally did

Virgo- can find some inner contentment

Libra- might have helped it come to an end

Scorpio- will have to learn how to live in this good but new atmosphere

Sagittarius- has moved on past the turbulence a long time ago but will be thrilled to know everything has finally settled

Capricorn- their attitude towards life can totally change

Aquarius- can find themselves reconnecting with family members

Pisces- is happy beyond belief

lol so Hello Kitty is a Scorpio you guys.


thatonepersonthing asked: Can you use your Venus and/or mars signs in the "Signs and Romance" thingy?

YES! I was actually going to make a statement after I finished tonight to tell you guys to also take into account your mars and venus for these posts.

Pisces and Romance

Pisces is all about showing their appreciation and being caring when it comes to romance. Serving you breakfast in bed, getting that game or purse you’ve been talking about, buying you lunch or starbucks all the time, saying hundreds of “I Love you’s”, being reassuring and cuddly, as well as letting you make a lot of the date night decisions is their romance style. Pisces also has a dreamy side and might write you poems and love letters.

Aquarius and Romance

Aquarius isn’t known for romance but sometimes they can do a lot of kooky and fun things with their partner. They want their partner to always try stuff with them like learning a new language together or going horse back riding, they might use body paint on their lover, go skinny dipping with their lover, will plant a tree with their lover and then name that tree after the person, or try to get on a game show/reality show/dating show together.

Capricorn and Romance

Capricorn usually shows their love by taking care of someone rather than being super reassuring and romantic. When their romantic side does come out some things they might do are: hold your hand while going on a long walk, carve your guy’s name in a tree, take a youthful trip to somewhere like the zoo or amusement park, pick wildflowers while on a walk, and a lot of times Capricorn will want to class it up with a nice dinner and a show.

Sagittarius and Romance

Sagittarius can be exciting and unique when it comes to romance. Training a parrot to say “I love you”, blindfolding you and taking you somewhere for a surprise, having dinner on the roof, taking you to a club and making sure to only concentrate on you, finding a hotel to rent for one night or sneaking into the hotel jacuzzi, taking you on a hot air balloon ride, or buying a whole case of your favorite alcohol is their style.

Scorpio and Romance

Scorpio can be good with romance and makes sure you remember their acts. Filling a room with candles and rose petals, winning you a giant stuffed animal at a carnival, serenading you, kissing you in the rain, making you a mixed tape, sneaking you into a concert, or giving you a million of their shirts to wear is what a Scorpio would do for romance.

Libra and Romance

Libra is sweet when it comes to romance. They never forget what you like and don’t like, will buy you random small gifts, might write you a poem or song, name a star after you, kiss you on a Ferris Wheel, take you on a picnic, write “I love you” in the sand, send you a singing telegram, or buy you a giant teddy bear.

Virgo and Romance

Virgo is simple in their expressions of romance but still meaningful. Making you a surprise lunch for work, buying you a box of chocolate when you are having a bad day, getting you a new dress or tie, fixing up things around the house/doing chores, and always being there for you is Virgo’s romance. Something out of the ordinary they might do is make a list of the things they love about you or try their hand at making a craft or piece of art for you.