the-marta92-blog asked: Are there any examples (either good or bad) of capricorn characters? Thanks in advance ♥★♥★♥★

Good Capricorn examples would probably be Gimli from Lord of the Rings, Ebenezer Scrooge actually shows the dark side of Capricorn pretty well, what House Stark stands for represents Capricorn characteristics, and maybe Suki from Airbender. The mastermind archetype like Lord Voldemort, Lex Luthor, or Dr. Octopus can show the dark side of Capricorn.

Reached 10,000 followers!

Hey guys thought I’d mention that this blog has reached 10,000 followers and I wanted to thank you all for following me and letting me be able to talk and talk about astrology! I truly love it when you guys ask me questions and send me request (even if it takes a long time for me to answer). You guys are amazing!



backholesun asked: From shows that you watch, who can you say is a Scorpio? Like Once Upon A Time or the last AirBender, etc.

Hm, great examples of Scorpio characters are Magneto from Xmen, Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, and Regina from Once Upon a Time. Batman is a good example too for Scorpio themes and personality used in a character.


tobeanexplorer asked: Who do you think is a good example of a Sagittarius character? Thanks! You have an amazing blog. 💜

I can think of a few, Emma Swan from “Once Upon a Time” is actually a good example of a Sagittarius character growing and maturing. From Airbender Iroh is a great example of an old Sagittarius. He is wise, easygoing, funny, but secretly can kick butt and has a lot of spunk and power. Aladdin is a good examples too. Adventurous, clever, almost always stays optimistic, and sweeps his lady off her feet (literally).


stubborncapicorn asked: Why zodiac signs starting from Aries if it starts in spring? Instead of it could start from new year from Capricorn cos the days/year start from januay. Why is it like that?

Because the zodiac is a calendar from Greece. A lot of the signs got their associations from the time of year it was. Almost all zodiacs from different cultures were some sort of calendar whether it be to keep track of days, months, seasons, or years. Aries is the start of the new year and Pisces is the end of the year for ancient times.


ninamichellegrace asked: So true about Taurus and self-criticism... it has caused me so much self damage over the years. Now I just have to make myself get over things and stick to positivity and change whatever I don't like and I'm happy! Don't get yourself too worked up Taurus people, little mistakes do not define you, just change yourself for the better and put bad mistakes in the past and you'll be okay xoxo :)

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findingmyvirginity asked: Do you think Elle Woods from Legally Blonde is a good example of a Gemini? (She said she was a Gemini in the movie)

lol, she is a good example! She is intelligent but that side of her is easily hidden with her bubbly personality. She is social, friendly, has charisma, and  is “airy”. 

Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over It!

Aries and Self-Criticism: they tell a few close people in their life that they feel like they failed or did something bad. But Aries can move on from self-doubt or criticism quickly!

Taurus and Self-Criticism: they can get stuck on an incident for a long time and can do a lot of self damage. Taurus needs to learn how to have round shoulders to prevent from being too hard on themselves when things go wrong.

Gemini and Self-Criticism: they can get flustered, but is rarely self-critical and will get over any awkward/bad incidents swiftly.

Cancer and Self-Criticism: when they have self-doubts they make sure to change in some way! If a Cancer is beating themselves up over something don’t expect them to make the same mistake again.

Leo and Self-Criticism: they can be the worst! Leo will condemn themselves when something goes wrong or is awkward.

Virgo and Self-Criticism: this sign is the master at being critical and this includes self-criticism. “I am my own worst critic” does this sign justice. They are definitely too hard on themselves.

Libra and Self-Criticism: Libra isn’t obvious when being self-critical but they can make the mistake of internalizing their self-doubt.

Scorpio and Self-Criticism: You would never notice but Scorpio can be hard on themselves, especially when it comes to relationships.

Sagittarius and Self-Criticism: this almost never happens… their self-criticism is usually constructive criticism.

Capricorn and Self-Criticism: When Capricorns have their doubts or feel bad about one’s self they have to immediately prove something to themselves!

Aquarius and Self-Criticism: they will try to rationalize a situation before turning self-critical.

Pisces and Self-Criticism: they will act highly disappointed in themselves to where you want to give them reassurance and feel bad that they are such perfectionist and then the next day they are all about their faults.

What sign do you get along with the most?