ourconsciousskies asked: what if a taurus embraced changed and wanted to bring it about, instead of being afraid of it.

That is actually a major step for a Taurus to become more fulfilled. Learning to distance themselves from possessions and some sentiments and not fearing the unknown and change are two important and big steps for a Taurus when trying to better themselves and even when trying to find their “destiny”.


Some basic fears the signs might have.

Aries- appearing/being week

Taurus- change

Gemini- misunderstandings

Cancer- abandonment

Leo- being used

Virgo- the unknown

Libra- being alone

Scorpio- showing their insecurities and appearing vulnerable

Sagittarius- being trapped or not having any change in life

Capricorn- lack of control

Aquarius- rejection

Pisces- a loved one getting hurt


dontbeahoe01 asked: I was thinking about this for a while now, and it's totally fine if you can't/don't want to do this, but could you do a song for the Venus signs? Like a song to show how they are/feel in love? OKAY SORRY THANK YOU <3

So I got around to doing this! This was kind of hard considering all the songs out there in the world! I tried to do a good mix of songs and limit myself to three per venus sign. Your Venus sign determines how you are in a relationship. You need to know your year of birth to figure out your Venus sign. Here is a useful venus sign chart. Also take your sun sign into consideration too!

Aries- “Where Have You Been”- Rihanna, “Adore You”- Miley Cyrus, and “Why Wait” - Shakira

Taurus- “Safe and Sound” - Capital Cities, “Mine”- Taylor Swift, and “Time after Time”- Cyndi Lauper.

Gemini- “Simple & Clean”- Utada, “Right Here” - Jess Gylne, and “You Make Loving Fun” - Fleetwood Mac

Cancer- “Latch”- Disclosure, “If I Fell”- The Beatles, and “Home”- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

Leo- “Eternal Flame” -The Bangles, “You’re The Inspiration”- Chicago, and “Wouldn’t it Be Nice”- The Beach Boys 

Virgo- “All I Want is You”- Barry Louis Polisar, “Simple Things”- Miguel, and “I Just Called To Say I Love You”- Stevie Wonder

Libra- “I’m only me when I’m with you”- Taylor Swift, “I Want to Hold Your Hand”- The Beatles, and “Enchanted” - Taylor Swift 

Scorpio- “Black Widow” - Iggy Azaela and Rita Ora, “Fearless” - Taylor Swift, and “Closer”- Tegan and Sara

Sagittarius- “Rather Be” - Clean Bandit, “Whenever, Wherever” - Shakira, and “One in a Million” - Aaliyah

Capricorn- “Just the way you are”- Billy Joel, “Kiss From a Rose” - Seal, and “Never Let You Down”- Rita Ora

Aquarius- “You’re My Best Friend” - Queen, “I got you babe” Sonny & Cher, and “Freelove”- Depeche Mode

Pisces- “Your Love is my Drug”- Kesha, “Not On Drugs” - Tove Lo, and “Unconditional”- Katy Perry

and still so many more that could go with them.

Halloween Costumes for the Signs

Killing Loneliness | via Tumblr

(Totally thought I did this in the past but can’t find it! So redo!)

Aries- cop, firefighter, spartan warrior, adventurer, sports themed, Roise the Riveter, a pinata, pilot, dragon, Chuck Norris, or a hunter.

Taurus- Greek goddess, a queen, werewolf, zombie, caveman or cave-woman, an animal like a cat, gorilla, fox, bunny, or peacock.

Gemini- this sign would love to be involved with group costumes but besides that… a witty Halloween costume like a cereal box character, a ABC costume, or the Bounty Guy. Fairy, butterfly, ladybug, bird, playboy bunny, a villain, stewardess, or librarian.

Cancer- historic figures like Abe Lincoln or Marilyn Monroe, superhero, fairytale character, witch, wizard, teacher, or a cartoon character.

Leo- rock star/pop star, superhero, dress up as a celebrity, lion, sports themed, lion tamer, ring leader, dress as a toy troll, king, queen, character from a musical, a politician, Barbie or Ken.

Virgo- flapper girl, a literary character, nurse, military, Waldo, librarian, professor, steam-punk themed outfit, maid, Victorian age outfit, school girl, or make some sort of art reference costume.

Libra- total couples costumes! Or princess, cowboy, Greek goddess, lumberjack, prince, an angel, a construction worker, a flower, devil, or 50’s themed outfit.

Scorpio- vampire, fortune teller, James Bond, pimp, a scary clown, prisoner, mobster, blue/black/red/whatever skin suit, magician, detective, a masquerade mask and outfit, or Medusa.

Sagittarius- belly dancer, referee, pirate, genie, a not scary clown, mime, jester, nerd, adventurer, or a bank robber. 

Capricorn- grim reaper, prisoner, doctor or mad scientist, tree nymph, ninja, a horror movie character, goth outfit, secretary, a mummy, or a skeleton.

Aquarius- astronaut, 70’s outfit, unicorn, a hippie, mad scientist, alien, robot, Star Wars themed costume, a piece of technology, biker, the one-eye-one-horn flying purple people eater, a banana, a “cereal killer,” or a condiment.

Pisces- mermaid, sailor, ghost, priest, monk, nun, video game character, ocean themed costumes, bartender, candy, and 80’s themed costumes.


handsofaheart asked: Just wanted to say... Actually needed to say: YOU ROCK! ^_^ have a nice day & thanks for your answer :D

Thank you so much! :)


To earn an Aries respect: be confident and stand by your views.

To earn a Taurus respect: have good character.

To earn a Gemini’s respect: be tolerant and knowledgeable.

To earn a Cancer’s respect: be kind, be the bigger person, and just respect people.

To earn a Leo’s respect: know what you’re talking about, speak your mind, and take action.

To earn a Virgo’s respect: balance confidence and humility and do what you’re good at.

To earn a Libra’s respect: be fair, reasonable, and unbiased.

To earn a Scorpio’s respect: stand up for yourself, don’t back down from conflict, and be confident.

To earn a Sagittarius respect: be honest and stand by your beliefs.

To earn a Capricorn’s respect: work hard and respect them.

To earn an Aquarius respect: give your opinions freely, be a good debater, and it helps to agree with them.

To earn a Pisces respect: just be yourself and be genuine.

The Signs as a Natural Disaster!

 Aries- volcano 

Taurus- earthquake

Gemini- sand storm, thunder storm, and monsoon

Cancer- rogue wave

Leo- heat wave, solar flare, and drought

Virgo- landslide, mudslide, and avalanche

Libra- micro-burst

Scorpio- hurricane, cyclone, and Tsunami 

Sagittarius- wild fire

Capricorn- blizzard, ice storm, or even ice age :o

Aquarius- tornado and asteroid

Pisces- flood


frequentlypleasing asked: What are Pisces' favorite places to travel to?

Let’s just do all the signs!

Aries: England, Germany, Poland, Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Lithuania, Brazil

Taurus: Cyprus, Ireland, Switzerland, Capri, Rhodes, the Greek Islands, Virgin Islands.

Gemini: cities of the U.S.A., Belgium, Iceland, Sardinia, Morocco, Wales, Tunisia.

Cancer: the country side of the U.S.A, Denmark, Holland, Paraguay, Scotland, New Zealand.

Leo: France, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sicily, Madagascar, Zanzibar.

Virgo: Greece, Turkey, Crete, Uruguay, West Indies, Chile, Costa Rica.

Libra: Fiji, Argentina, Austria, Burma, Canada, China, Siberia, Tibet.

Scorpio: Russia, Bavaria, Norway, Morocco, Queensland, Korea, the Transvaal.

Sagittarius: Japan, Mexico, Australia,  Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain.

Capricorn: Tasmania, Galapagos Islands, Finland, Albania, Bosnia, Netherlands, any part of the UK.

Aquarius: Peru, Afghanistan, Russia, Iran, Ethiopia, South Africa, Vietnam.

Pisces: India, Tibet, Egypt, Israel, Normandy, North Africa, Portugal, Samoa, Scandinavia.

U.S. Cities for the Signs:

Aries- Las Vegas, the best place for risk takers.

Taurus- St. Louis, for being such a large and busy city there is actually plenty of nature, culture, and art, plus breweries and pubs!

Gemini: San Francisco, where there is plenty of variety and things to do!

Cancer: Chicago, talk about their passion for food, there is an emphasis on the working class, they are all about tradition, and there is a lot of history in the arts.

Leo: New York, a international icon where if you can make it big there you can make it anywhere, this is a place for someone big and bold.

Virgo: Boston, this city is known for having good economics even when the rest of the world is suffering, there is a lot of history in the town, the city rates high in charity activities, plus higher learning!!

Libra: Miami, where you can relax and party, there is the beach, fun architecture, and plenty of entertainment.

Scorpio: New Orleans, first off Mardi Gras, get ready for the Po’ boy and other great food, music, voodoo, plenty of interesting history, and so much access to alcohol.

Sagittarius: Los Angeles, where you can find ANYTHING, let’s talk about Hollywood (plus this would be a good place for a Sagittarius to invite their Leo friend too), the beach, there is an endless pool of people you can meet, and Sagittarius should be flexible enough to deal with the busy atmosphere and the people.

Capricorn: Denver, this got Capricorn because Capricorn might be able to finally relax here with how easy it is to get a certain substance. Plus there are plenty of outdoor activities, sports, a lot of music festivals, there is beautiful scenery, and so much sunshine!

Aquarius: so this got a tie between Portland and Seattle. Both cities are great for innovative thinkers…. plus hipsters, hippies, grunge, yuppies, unicorns, etc.

Pisces: Austin, now at first I wanted to give Pisces more of a beach city but here is why Austin TX: there are a bunch of bodies of water near the city to explore, it is a major crossroads in the U.S. which reflects Pisces fluid nature and their “melting pot” aspect, there is a huge art scene and music scene within this city that doesn’t seem to be talked about as much as it should be, this city has an eccentric side, and it is set in one of the most scenic areas of Texas.

Here are the signs as travelers and foreign exchange students



ravenofwesteros asked: How would each sign react when someone confesses to them

Good news or bad news? For now, here are the signs surprised.













Worst gift for an Aries: home decor, blanket, a pet. Aries are active and wants a gift they can use, and a pet might be too much.

Worst gift for a Taurus: holiday themed presents like a gingerbread house or birthday tiara. It’s unsentimental and can only be used once or twice.

Worst gift for a Gemini: boring gifts like Tupperware or socks. They want something different and maybe exciting.

Worst gift for a  Cancer: a gift card or money, it seems too impersonal and like a cop-out.

Worst gift for a Leo: whatever you do don’t give them something you are giving someone else! Or a group gift. They are special dang it!

Worst gift for a Virgo: impractical, decorative gifts like bubble bath, flowers, stationary, or a singing wall fish.

Worst gift for a Libra: a goofy tshirt or subscription to something. They like to pick their own clothes out and a subscription will make them feel pressured and like money was wasted.

Worst gift for a Scorpio: something totally random that has nothing to do with what they like, you should know what they like!

Worst gift for a Sagittarius: clothes, cleaning supplies, or house warming type gifts. Give them an experience or something unique.

Worst gift for a Capricorn: gaudy jewelry, something cheap and flimsy, or even something over the top.

Worst gift for an Aquarius: another thing they already have even if it looks different or something homemade….that wasn’t made well.

Worst gift for a Pisces: a card, a cup, or a key-chain. Put some effort into your gift or just give them food/candy!

Good gifts for the signs.