Even the Water Signs need to watch out for number one (themselves)

Pisces may be the water sign who struggles the most with trying to put themselves first. Unless you are a complete stranger or acquaintance they will probably do what makes you happy before what makes them happy. Even being hurt by someone won’t deter their selfless ways. The best way to keep Pisces looking out for number one is by justifying it to themselves that they deserve a “me” day or that it is okay for them to make a certain decision/action. (someone else saying they deserve a me day won’t help! It will only make them feel bad)

Scorpio is a little better at watching out for themselves than the other water signs. When someone hurts them is when a Scorpio starts putting their needs first.

Having someone hurt or betray a Cancer can push them into watching out for themselves. Even if they do what makes them “happy” they can still be attached to someone and have a hard time moving on. They may eventually go back to them or do things that will make the other person pleased. Ultimately a Cancer needs to move on from a person or issue to be able to really put their needs and desires first.

Even the Fire Signs have to cool off

Normally the one thing that calms an Aries is letting them fume and get all of their anger and energy out. But sometimes they find people in life that know how to calm, sooth, and keep them in check.

Leo finds calmness in creativity and physical activity. This is a person who  feels calm after getting done with a project or after a good workout.

Sagittarius finds calmness when they finally have alone time to think and work stuff out. Usually a long drive by themselves or taking a walk clears their mind.

Even the Air Signs have to come down to earth

Aquarius might be the best air sign at facing reality but sometimes does it through an odd perspective. What they hate the most about reality is the disappointment in it.

Gemini rarely comes down to earth and hates the boredom of reality. They usually need someone to help bring them to reality.

Libra is always stuck in their head and hates the harshness of reality. Usually hard times or situations bring them out of the haze and into the real world.

Even the Earth Signs have to take a risk

If Taurus has to take a risk they take comfort in knowing that a lot of good things can come from taking a chance.

If Capricorn has to take a risk they take comfort in knowing it is their decision fully.

If Virgo has to take a risk they hold their breath and dive in but still hate making an unpredictable move (but know sometimes they have to).


tranquilwanderlust asked: Who do you believe are the most under appreciated zodiac signs?

Well Virgo and Pisces can have a tendency to be pushovers and may be under appreciated. Cancer and Capricorn can fall into this area too sometimes. Sagittarius and Libra have their moments where they are too helpful or easygoing and can get under appreciated.


loveangellight asked: How would the zodiac react if they had a long, ongoing battle with drama in their family over the course of a couple to several years and have it come to an amazing end?

Well that is a very specific request…

Aries- Won’t know how to react at first. They have a bit of shock and disbelief

Taurus- happy but totally surprised that it actually ended

Gemini- will spread the good news to everyone they know

Cancer- relieved

Leo- wishes things could have been resolved sooner but is glad they finally did

Virgo- can find some inner contentment

Libra- might have helped it come to an end

Scorpio- will have to learn how to live in this good but new atmosphere

Sagittarius- has moved on past the turbulence a long time ago but will be thrilled to know everything has finally settled

Capricorn- their attitude towards life can totally change

Aquarius- can find themselves reconnecting with family members

Pisces- is happy beyond belief

lol so Hello Kitty is a Scorpio you guys.


thatonepersonthing asked: Can you use your Venus and/or mars signs in the "Signs and Romance" thingy?

YES! I was actually going to make a statement after I finished tonight to tell you guys to also take into account your mars and venus for these posts.

Pisces and Romance

Pisces is all about showing their appreciation and being caring when it comes to romance. Serving you breakfast in bed, getting that game or purse you’ve been talking about, buying you lunch or starbucks all the time, saying hundreds of “I Love you’s”, being reassuring and cuddly, as well as letting you make a lot of the date night decisions is their romance style. Pisces also has a dreamy side and might write you poems and love letters.

Aquarius and Romance

Aquarius isn’t known for romance but sometimes they can do a lot of kooky and fun things with their partner. They want their partner to always try stuff with them like learning a new language together or going horse back riding, they might use body paint on their lover, go skinny dipping with their lover, will plant a tree with their lover and then name that tree after the person, or try to get on a game show/reality show/dating show together.