walkingshitshow asked: Could you do a gif of on older Pisces sister, a middle Leo sister and a youngest Scorpio sister?

Pisces older sis:
Leo middle sis:
<3s | via Tumblr

Scorpio little sister:
(one on the right)

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Aries approaches creative expression without fear. They make a statement in their art and creations.

Taurus approaches creative expression with determination and depth. They take their time in making their masterpiece and wants people to remember their work.

Gemini approaches creative expression freely and without boundaries. They can come up with crazy ideas and images.

Cancer approaches creative expression with their heart. They put what they feel on paper/shape.

Leo approaches creative expression openly and naturally. Being creative is vital to their self-expression.

Virgo approaches creative expression as a fun past time and something to be admired. They are diligent and proud of their work.

Libra approaches creative expression as a necessity to live and enjoy life. Their creations are diverse and usually aesthetically pleasing.

Scorpio approaches creative expression with passion and skill. They make their work a part of them.

Sagittarius approaches creative expression as a way of sharing ideas and designs. They can get outrageous with their work.

Capricorn approaches creative expression as a way of releasing tension and their thoughts. They can be cautious of sharing their work but does so to make an impression.

Aquarius approaches creative expression as a way of letting their ideas and imagination flow out. Their creations are unique.

Pisces approaches creative expression as a way of sharing and making sense of their deepest feelings and thoughts. Their creations are inspiring and emotionally touching.

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Creativity through the Elements

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) creativity comes from their experiences.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) creativity comes from how they see and interpret the world.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) creativity comes from how they feel.

Air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius) creativity comes from their mind and mental activity.


fearsiphon asked: Could you do opposites? Like the fire signs opposite the water signs in intensity?

Well I’ve done post on incompatible signs before and polar opposites. When it comes to the elements air and fire go together and earth and water mix. Technically Water is the opposite of both air and fire and same with earth, they oppose fire and air too.
Fire and Water are as different as they sound. Fire’s intensity is with heat. They can be passionate, impulsive, has some sort of temper, is lively, has a lot of spirit, is confident, and they tend to be outgoing.

Water’s intensity is like the ocean or a river. They are calm, understanding, healing, and soothing but can be as vicious as a wave or raging rapids. Their intensity can stem from passion too but it’s more from an emotional reaction rather than a spirited reaction like fire.

Earth is grounded, practical, sensual, dependable, and stable. They don’t have the same intensity as water or fire but they do have the ambition and determination that fire shares. Fire’s ambition commonly comes from their love of challenges and competition. Taurus ambition comes from the desire for success and purpose.

Air is communicative, detached, conceptual, is ruled by the mind, and they tend to be social. Air usually lacks some intensity too but they have the imagination and adaptability like water. While water gets their inspiration from how they feel air gets in from their mental activity. Air also has the studious attitude and research capabilities Earth can have. Sometimes both air and earth can be quirky. Air wants to learn more from curiosity and earth learns to master a skill or to be able to know a lot about a useful field.


itslutific asked: Can you do a gif set for my siblings and I?Scorpio Older Sister,Virgo 1st+2nd Older Brother,Aries 3rd oldest brother,and Capricorn Youngest Sister

Scorpio older sis:
girl animated GIF
Virgo older brother 1:
sister animated GIF
Virgo brother 2:
Aries Brother:
Capricorn sister:
chris lilley animated GIF

The Signs on a Lazy Day

Aries is busy excising or running errands for their “lazy” day.

Taurus takes full advantage of a lazy day and may sleep for most of it. The rest of the time they’re watching tv and messing around on their computer. 

Gemini sits back and reads or watches stimulating books and programs during a lazy day. A marathon on Netflix and getting a new copy of a book is their style.

Cancer is baking cookies and spending a bunch of time playing with the dog/cat on their lazy day.

Leo on a lazy day is catching up on the news or even tabloids and is taking part in artistic activities like painting.

Virgo on a lazy day is cleaning or working from home because Virgo’s never take a day off.

Libra on a lazy day is never leaving the couch or computer desk.

Scorpio on a lazy day is kicking back with a drink and is people watching or watching the game.

Sagittarius on a lazy day is reading up on a new subject and brainstorming new projects they want to take on.

Capricorn on a lazy day hangs out in their bedroom all day and might go out for some good food or a cigar.

Aquarius on a lazy day is strumming on their guitar or has been trying to beat the high score on a game.

Pisces on a lazy day invited all of their friends to play with them online or is lost in a novel.


sparksofgrace asked: Hiii! I am obsessed with astrology and all things related to it. I am a cancer sign and so is my boyfriend of a year and a half! I know we are extremely compatible because our values and the fact that we hold our families so near and dear to us. Do you know of any other signs that are really compatible with the same sign?

For compatibility all like signs can be compatible or not. It’s like the flip of a coin. Some like signs love each other and others hate how similar they are.  But in general from my own observations I’ve noticed Virgo’s, Cancer’s, Scorpio’s and Leo’s do well together.


moon-phased asked: Can you do a gif of a cancer oldest sister, taurus second oldest brother, younger libra brother, & a youngest gemini sister? Plzzz? My siblings will love to see this. We look at your blog all the time and giggle at how spot on things are c: ♋♉♎♊

Older Cancer Sister:

Taurus second older bro:
fighting gif animated GIF
Younger Libra brother:
Youngest Gemini sister:
siblings animated GIF


nalystrong asked: Is it true that a Gemini is hard to become friends with?

Gemini’s aren’t hard to be friends with, they are associated with being extremely social and good with people. However they can be hard to get close with. Having an intimate relationship, romantic feelings, and just being open and really close with a friend and family member is hard for them. Gemini is uncomfortable with talking about emotions, they would rather love from a distance than become close and get hurt, and does better with friends than lovers.